Alliance for the Future of Israel
AFFI Supported Projects


This project brings Israeli Middle School Children to the actual Lebanon/Israel Border to the Moshav (Ramot Napthali that overlooks the Hula Valley toward Mt. Hermon. This is where Major Eitan Belachshan's family lived; and where the Memorial to his life is located. He was killed by Hezbollah Terrorists as he tried to protect Israel from their terror attacks launched in this area. The NOAM FOUNDATION is named after his daughter, NOAM, who was 2 years old when her father was killed. The Anne Frank Tree Sapling that was given to Israel by Holland when it was uprooted several years ago, has been planted in a patch of land in Moshav Ramot Napthali overlooking the Hula Valley and Mt. Hermon - and lives as a true reminder that Hitler's Hell did not destroy the Jewish Nation. This emotional memorial site provides a tremendous training for the Israeli Middle School Age Children to see that their Heritage is alive as the Anne Frank Tree grows and thrives in The Land that was birthed out of the ashes of the 6 Million Jews Killed during The Holocaust. We have established an Annual NOAM Foundation IDF Leadership Studies Scholarship to be awarded to an exemplary member of the IDF selected annually for this honor. 

A first hand report from Susan Lhota, AFFI Executive Director: The actual plot of land that the Anne Frank Tree Sapling is planted on is adjacent to the home of Leah Rabin, widow of former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, who lives in Ramot Napthali. Brigadier General/Deputy Commander Gal Hirsch of the IDF DEPTH CORP, and his wife, Donna Hirsch, have taken me to the Lebanon Border several times to see this Northern Region of Israel's IDF Strategic Territory. Gal and Donna are very dear, personal friends. When I was in Israel several years ago to receive THE ISRAEL LEADERSHIP AWARD from Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, Gal and Donna invited me spend Shabbat with them; and then took me on a driving tour of the Lebanon Border. We stayed the night at Ramot Napthali. I can tell you that I spent a sleepless night, as Ramot Napthali has suffered three massacres over the years. I thought all night of how the Israeli's who live on this Moshav must feel daily to know that only a barbed wire fence separates them from Lebanon and those who desire their death. It was sobering and something I will never forget. This project is a deep passion of mine. We are working closely with Nati Yeyni, the Israeli Middle School teacher who is in charge of the Anne Frank Tree Project; and Yoav Belachshan, the brother of Major Eitan Belachshan who was murdered by Hezbollah. I am sure you understand my passion for this, especially in light of the Auschwitz Talmud Tractate that Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann presented me for my work in and for and Israel. It is only fitting for the memory of the 6 Million Jewish Men, Women and Children who were murdered in Hitler's Hell. May I be found faithful to His Call to spend my life working to be a Blessing to His Eternal Covenant Land and Children! Am Yisrel Chai!

AFFI is partnering with AKIM, the Israeli Organization birthed in 1951 to work with the Mentally Challenged Israeli Men, Women and Children who so desperately need help. AKIM began a program several years ago of training Israeli Young Men and Women between the ages of 18-25 to learn a skill set that would enable them to actually serve in IDF Non-Combat Units and complete their Military Service, exactly as their Israeli counterparts were able to do. This program has been very successful. AFFI has helped facilitate a new working partnership with The Ohio State University Nisonger Center that will enable OSU and AKIM to interact, learn and share multiple training disciplines for the Mentally Challenged on both sides of the Atlantic. We have established an Annual AFFI AKIM IDF Equal In Uniform Scholarship in support and partnership with AKIM Israel. AFFI has also agreed to help raise AFFI AKIM IDF Equal In Uniform Program Scholarships for this Project in Israel. 

AFFI has been asked to 'adopt and work with' INS Shayetet 3 Flotilla. This is a very high honor, as it is the first time ever that such a working partnership has been offered to any group other than the Israel Navy Veterans Association. We are the first Christian Zionist Organization to have been asked to work closely with any INS Missile Ship Flotilla. The ships of Shayetet 3 are constantly 'on patrol' in the Mediterranean to protect Israel from those who would bring Her harm. These Israel Naval Service Warriors, as they are called, are at sea for extended periods of time. We were honored to have met and spent time with this dedicated group of young men and women! We have established an Annual AFFI INS Leadership Studies Scholarship that will be awarded to an exemplary member of the INS selected annually for this Honor.